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If you are a well-educated, professional, middle class woman, if you are honest, reliable, well-spoken, focused, and driven, welcome to apply to Succubi NYC!

Sometimes we look for fresh new faces - girls committed to helping to create the best agency in the region as well as pleasing others. Those we seek are not desperate, nor are they looking to gain 'a quick buck'. You fundamentally understand achieving goals takes hard work and you are willing to adapt as necessary to reach those goals.

Our women see this as a job they have been CALLED to, not one of need or convenience!

The following requirements MUST be met in order to be considered for employment by Succubi NYC:


Physical Requirements


  • Biologically and anatomically female
  • Clean and Sober
  • Age 21-30
  • Height proportional to your weight
  • Pant size between 00-4 OR dress size between 1-4
  • Between one and NO tattoos, with a size limit of  1 inch by 1 inch.


Character Requirements


  • Love, adore, and enjoy men
  • Punctual
  • Able to follow instructions.
  • Capable of conducting themselves in a professional manner.
  • Task & goal oriented
  • Team player


To apply email a few pictures along with a bio at contact@succubi-nyc.org

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