Rules of Conduct

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Making an Appointment

Impromptu appointments are arranged same day, but pre-booking is sometimes necessary. You may either call us directly or use the contact form on the website and our staff will assist you within 10 minutes.

Rules of Conduct

Our business is one of respect and manners. As such, we expect you to act like a gentlemen at all times. This means we will not tolerate rude behavior, vulgar or explicit language, or unrequested advances. Upon arrival, your practitioner will greet you at the door in sexy attire, and she would need to receive the donation in advance so please have it handy. We should not have to ask for a donation or even discuss it.

Contacting Us

It's best to call using your personal cell phone and from a quiet place so you can ask questions and confirm your request. Once the appointment time has been set, you'll need to confirm depending on how far in advance your session has been scheduled. Once completed, we'll give you the address and directions to our location.

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