Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the Pictures Real?

Yes! Feel free to send her back if you are dissatisfied. More info on the model page, everything is accurate.


Is Short Notice OK?

Yup. All our models are Manhattan-based and could be at your door within minutes in most cases.


Are There Discounts?

There are discounts for multiple hours and dates for 2+ models.


Can I Talk to the Girl I Like on the Phone?

What makes us unique is that we are not really an agency but a group of friends with a website, we do massages for fun. You will be talking to one of the girls if you call and if you want to talk to the girl you like right away it could get problematic as she could be at work/school.

Naturally, if you are looking to book 2+ hours and if you are not in a rush it's 100% possible to talk to the lady you like! Very good idea.


Could Models Acompany For a Business Trip / Dinner?

Yes of course! Call us.






Other, or "Special" Questions.

Umm.. How do you imagine a young beautiful skinny girl wearing heels, make up and a nice dress AND carrying a 30-50 lb massage table from the taxi and up your room?

The answer is NO.

We are a SENSUAL bodywork place. She will bring candles, music, oil, insense, her beautiful company and smile and massage you on the bed / floor.

NO to bringing tables, chairs, refrigerators, and other furniture pieces!



Please go see the massage therapist at your gym or go to a spa :)

There are no strong girls among us, no big girls, heavy girls, or sumo fighters.

Again, we are a SENSUAL bodywork place and this is the funniest question :) We do have girls who were trained to give professional therapeutic massage at the Swedish Institute (ask phone lady about them) but seriously, never ask "strong massage" in sensual bodywork places like ours because an unqualified person could easily hurt you.



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We do have an office but we don't stay there all day. We usually come for outcalls (to you) from our own apartments (we all live in Manhattan) and it's rather an exception to the rule that you come to us, or that one of the girls decides to see you at her own place.

Also takes quite some time for us to get ready for the client. How do you imagine 12 young women getting ready and waiting for you and then going home after you pick someone one.

How inappropriate and demeaning it would've been?

Please choose from the site :) The photos in the site are real, you cannot go wrong with any of the massage girls! :)



American? First of all what do you mean by this? The descendants of Leif Erikkson, Native Americans, descendants of the Irish from potato ships ... who?..

America is the country of immigrants. Most of us are first or second generation immigrants from Europe, raised in the USA. All of us are documented, and speak good English.



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Every time someone asks us that, it's very funny :)

Are you looking for a wife here? :)

Chemistry seems like something so elsusive and we are more of a service. Maybe you really need a girlfriend and not a massage? Ask yourself that before booking appointment.

Anyway, we have a drinks date with any of the girls but it's $150 if you are cautious or maybe it's your first time. Talk to the phone lady about it.



Very unattractive if you do this. What a strange place to seek validation too. The bars are swarming with guys like you, did you know??

What matters most to us in a man are personalty, intellect, being able to connect mentally and emotionally, great conversation. Looks is not everything.



Go to OK Cupid. NO.






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*Sigh* The girls are all people. And there is no "best" or "worst" when it comes to people. Only compatible / incompatible (that's why we give short a bio on every page) but even that shouldn't bother you during the massage session.

We only work with kind, friendly, beautiful girls: professional and with a good attitude. All of us are friends. Did you notice how friends are generally kind of similar people?

You cannot go wrong with any of us! You will definitely enjoy the session as long as you act like a gentleman yourself.

Please check out the bios: some girls are short and some are taller. Some are chatty and some aren't. Some live in Midtown and some in Downtown. Some give a very good therapeutic massage and some are more into sensual. Decide what you want and pick the one that better suits your expectations! :)



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