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May your body be blessed.
May you realize that your body is a faithful and beautiful friend of your soul.
May you recognize that your senses are sacred thresholds.
May you realize that holiness is mindful gazing, mindful feeling, mindful listening and mindful touching.
May your senses always enable you to celebrate the universe and the mystery and possibilities in your presence here.
May Eros bless you.
May your senses gather you and bring you home.

  1. Deuter Temple of Silence

With vibration and touch, expansive breath and sound, we come together into the ecstatic present to heighten creative energies and engage forgotten spaces in the body. Sexual energy IS divine and creative energy, and it is our intention to help you more fully embrace and express your erotic self...

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  1. Deuter Illumination of the Heart

Path of Tantra

Tantra is not only about sex; it is about how we engage with life itself. Ultimately, through Tantra, you in essence make love with the world. The peace and freedom that come from this are far beyond merely functioning better in bed. You will get the most from this process by engaging with bravery and honesty. It takes learning to be fully truthful with yourself and entering boldly into the moment to build and maintain freedom through responsibility and caring. If you have the courage to break through layers of illusions, to discover who you really are, and to give the gift of yourself to the world, then this is a path for you.

Ultimately, the path of Tantra is a path of the heart. A path of love as transformation, love as evolution. Tantra sees the heart as the center of the soul and the doorway to spiritual awakening. When the heart blossoms, enlightenment is close at hand. When the heart opens to true love and allows itself to be transformed by the life-giving energies of sexuality it is possible to experience the Absolute.

The journey begins with the exploration of specific bioenergetic and breathwork meditations. Tantra seeks not to look for a problem, or diagnose a dysfunction, but to give our spirits more space in which to breathe, live and express ourselves fully. The meditations prepare or provide us with direct access to the experience of spiritual bliss in our physical human bodies.

Who should participate? The Tantric path is best taken by those with a lust for adventure, and a familiarity with the rugged terrain of the inner worlds. Because Tantra uses the very emotions and sensations that can trap us in addiction and illusion, it is a dangerous and intense path to follow. It is by fully facing and tasting these pleasures and desires that they can be seen for what they are, doorways to higher consciousness, and can be dissolved into the one true experience - ecstasy into reality.

Many people would like to have more sex, better sex, longer lasting sex, more orgasmic sex, more thrilling sex, more adventurous sex, more loving sex, more intimate sex, more exciting sex. Workshops, classes and seminars by Lorae are about all these and more, much more. Have you ever felt how "having sex" can make you feel really good inside, energized all over, rested and revitalized? Students and clients of Lorae learn about how sex itself is an important part of an even larger sense of our being human. Lorae often says, "This really is not about sex, it's about sexuality." Her comforting, challenging, expanding and healing teaching is all about how sexual energy and sexual experience allows us to be more of who we are in life. It's about how it truly makes us whole, both in coming together with a partner and in coming together more completely within ourselves.

Sexuality is very different from sex. Sexuality is the energy that makes us who we are as human beings, and the use of it in our lives can either make us dynamic, expressive, happy, emotionally balanced people or closed, suspicious, repressed, unfulfilled, unhappy human beings. I teach that the whole body can be orgasmic through moving energy when you use breath, movement, voice and intention. If you are looking for a sexual release I teach how to go beyond that.

With Succubi you can learn about orgasms that last half an hour or more. You can learn to add variety and excitement by learning about all the various positions of the Kama Sutra. You can also learn more about the "G spot" in women, female ejaculations, the "male G spot" and both male and female "multiorgasmic response." But if you are, additionally, ready to learn about how to be more comfortable and strengthened as a woman or a man, you will gain much more. You will learn how to move forward with self-acceptance as a physical and sexual being towards wisdom and love at its highest levels. You will heal old hurts, release old limitations, and be given renewed comfort, encouragement and ways and means to make progress as a spiritual being as well. The complete human experience includes sexuality and spirituality. Tantra takes us far, far beyond any sense we may still have that the two of these have to be separate or at odds.

In our families, marriages, communities and churches, there has been some confusion about sex. Centuries of being taught that sex is mostly wrong, or is only for making babies, still lingers in our collective consciousness. These classes, workshops, seminars and sessions help free us from that. This isn't just about how to party down and get your rocks off. First of all, what is amazing is just how much there really is to the full spectrum of both sex and sexuality. You will likely be astonished at just how much variation there is, how much richness there is, how much energy there is, and how much it can do for you personally. But also, every one who participates in freeing up sexual longings into positive experiences helps free every one around them to live life more fully, joyfully and completely. In other words, it's contagious. The more refreshed you are, and the more you experience all of who you are, the more you'll be able to be present for and enjoy and encourage other people, too. In all areas of life. Our culture is currently filled with images about sex, sex, sex. Obviously, just watching lots of naked or semi-naked models prancing and posing in magazines or advertisements does not automatically make us all sexually liberated, self-actualized, or fully integrated human beings.

The tradition of Tantra, which is also not just about sex in its deepest traditions, is a path of harmonizing the physical with the spiritual, the self with other people, and pleasure with devotion. Its practice can be very lighthearted and gentle, or very deep and dramatic, or both.

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Origin of Tantra

  1. Deuter Nada Himalaya

Tantra emerged early in the post-classical period, around the fourth century c.e., but didn't reach its full flowering until 500 to 600 years later. This school represents a rather radical departure for yoga philosophy. In what could only have been understood as heresy, tantra rejected the Vedas (the most sacred texts of Hinduism since at least 1500 B.C.E.) as irrelevant. It refuted the notion that liberation could be attained only through rigorous asceticism and meditation, and it dismissed the Samkhyan precept that a yogi must renounce the world in order to free himself from it.

Tantra also eschewed karma yoga (the path of action or service), choosing instead to focus on devotion (bhakti), most particularly worship of the Goddess.

In teaching about the causes of suffering and the path to liberation, tantra shares common ground with its ancestors. Like the nondualistic authors of the early Upanishads, tantric yogis believed that human suffering comes from the illusion of opposites, from the mistaken notion that the Self is somehow separate from the objects it desires. Being good nondualists, tantrikas (tantric yogis) see all possible sets of opposites, all dualities (good and evil, hot and cold, hard and soft, male and female) contained within the universal consciousness.

The only way a yogi can liberate himself from suffering, according to tantra, is to unite all the opposites or dualities in his own body. Like PatAngélique, tantrikas believe in the need to have a strong, pure physical body.

While PatAngélique may have acknowledged the need to strengthen and purify the body, he ultimately believed that the body was defiled and that a truly liberated yogi would shun the company of others for fear of becoming contaminated. Tantrika, on the other hand, celebrated the physical body, which they considered to be a sacred temple of the Divine, as a means to conquer death. The body became the vehicle for attaining liberation. In tantric yoga, the universal consciousness, which earlier philosophers called purusha, became Shiva and resided within the body.

The principle of nature or creation, called prakriti in earlier yogic thought, became shakti and lived at the base of the spine. The ultimate unity—the male energy of Shiva with the feminine principle shakti—took place internally and led to final liberation or samadhi. Unlike the more traditional nondualists, however, tantrikas believed that the whole world was not an illusion, but a manifestation of the Divine and that all experience brought the practitioner closer to his or her own divinity.

And when I left you, I was so on fire
with all your brilliant & ironic humor
that after dinner I was still excited,
and sleep refused to touch my eyes with quiet.
In bed & totally unstrung by passion,
tossing in agony, I prayed for sunrise,
when I could be with you in conversation.
But when my limbs, exhausted by their labor,
lay on the bed in nearly fatal stillness,
I made this poem for you, my beloved…

Catullus Translated

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